Japan will be able to No1 investment country

Japan will be able to  No1 investment country in the world.

Japanese like saving money at the bank for many years after the world war 2. As a result, the total of saving money is 900 trillion yen. This is the biggest money in the world. This is 1.7 times of Japan’s GDP. And 9 times of Japan’s annual budget.

This saving money is decreasing every year because many people retired and can not save money but draw money from the bank.

But if people can recognize that long term investment is fun, Japan will be No1 investment nation in the world. Because the amount of saving money is the great and strongest weapon of the investment.

Now many people afraid of investment because it is gambling. Of course if you will do short time investment, it is gambling. Most people want to increase their money in the short time. And they had a lot of loss. Now a lot of western people buy and sell in the Tokyo stock market. They have 60% market share. They uses computer software, and they sell and buy 1,000 times per second. It is gambling. This way will be ruin after 20 years.

The deposit interest is 0.001% in Japan. If people have 100 million at the bank, they can get only 10,000 yen per year. It is terrible for the old people.

If people change their thought, and they will invest to the Tokyo market.  Japan will become investment nation.


Only 10% of saving money is enough to develop Japan’s economic. Because 10% of  900 trillion yen is 90 trillion yen. The total of Tokyo stock market is 470 trillion yen. When only 10% of saving money move to Tokyo stock market, the price will be go up for many years.